Many of us walk around with chronic muscle or joint pain and we just slough it off as getting older. Sometimes many of us are diagnosed with such terms as neuropathy, myalgia, myopathic. These are general terms used by doctors because they don't know why you are in pain or what to do about it, other than prescribe pain killers.

Often times our pain is caused by such things as poor nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, lack of sleep, unbalanced hormones (not just women), lack of exercise, or infections/ inflammation/ toxins. Simple causes sometimes are overlooked and major medications are prescribed that can cause more problems.

We know our bodies better than anyone else. Find a doctor who is willing to listen and who looks at simple causes and cures. I have a few names if you are interested. A change of diet and lifestyle may be all that you need. Let's get back to basics with common sense.

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