Cyclist rides from Austin, Texas to California

Much like a Bugs Bunny cartoon, Geoff Sebesta, of Austin, admits he took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

I took two months off to take this ride; but I recommend anyone else trying it to take the southern route through Albuquerque; so they won't have to fight these winds over the Rockies.”

Sebesta also dodged a small toronado near Kerrick, Texas on his trek to Boise City.

Sebesta, a comic book artist, born in New Jersey and raised in Kentucky, is on his way to Southern California for a “Rainbow Gathering”.

Sebesta explains that the event has evolved from the original “Woodstock” of the 1960s and is a gathering of Peace and Love.

“It's not a Christian event, although we have a large Christian contingent,” he explained.

The events traditionally meet in National Parks.

Sebesta said he once worked in a bookstore on the first floor of the World Trade Center and was on vacation in Kentucky when he woke to 9/11.

“I woke up wondering why the place I worked was on the news. I was lucky, I lost friends, but no close friends; everyone that I knew their first and last names survived. Except for the homeless guy that lived under the escalator; he died.

Sebesta “borrows” from other comic stylists as he tries to find his own. Right now he likes Alex Maleed, who draws Daredevil.

“The movie has nothing to do with the comic book,” he insisted.

He is also drawn to the artist/author who inspired “Minority Report” I like the way he used the future to write about what went on in the 50, 60 and 70s.”

I want to do that with what's going on in the world today.”
Cautioned that he was in “Bush Country” he replied, “I'm not worried; what was Bush country four years ago, isn't today.'


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