This week we celebrated Father's Day. We had a wonderful day by going to church, and out to lunch with some of our friends. Saturday night my dad and I went to a movie which was fantastic. On Sunday I woke my parents up at 6:20 with a rousing rendition of “Oh What a Beautiful Morning”.

All this celebrating made me wonder about who started Father's Day, which lead me to the internet. One story goes that William Smart who was a civil war veteran raised six children on his own because his wife had died in childbirth. One of his daughters decided while listening to a Mother's Day sermon that she wanted to show appreciation for all his sacrifices raising them. She proposed a holiday in his honor in June because that was his birth month. The first Father's Day was on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington.

Another version says that a man in the Lions Club in Chicago went around the United States making speeches about how we needed a day to honor our fathers. Many people supported the idea, including Calvin Coolidge in 1924.

It seems to me it was a long time for dads to be recognized with a national holiday because it wasn't until 1966 that President Lyndon Johnson declared it a holiday. Then Richard Nixon signed into law the third Sunday of June would be recognized as Father's Day in 1972.

Even though it took a long time for dads to get a national holiday I am glad that during my life we have had one day a year that reminds dads how special they are and just to celebrate. Now if we could just get a national daughters' day!

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