Medical costs fuel lawsuit

by C.F. David

According to Guymon Attorney David Petty, a lawsuit against The Boise City Schools for injuries suffered by a child last May, is fueled by medical costs.

“That is correct,” Petty replied when asked about medical bills.

“They came to us, [the parents of Amber Ottinger, age 9] because they weren't able to work anything out with the insurance carrier. As I remember the medical bills are about $26,700,” Petty explained. Petty continued by saying that Ottinger's injuries sustained when she fell from a piece of playground equipment consisted of a severely fractured arm and a severed artery which had to be repaired with the removal of a vein from the young woman's leg.

Stephanie Mather, legal counsel to the B.C. I.S.D. through the Center for Education Law explained that schools and their insurance carriers cannot pay until they have been shown to be liable.

“The procedures require you to raise everything, defenses, allegations, the possibility of manufacture failure. We are still early in the discovery process.”

Mather explained the discovery process can very often change people's minds as both sides learn what happened in an incident.

Ottinger, according to Mather was playing on what is called the “Trolley” when she fell on May 5, 2004.

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