Endoscopies are offered at C.M.H.

By Rod Burrus

I had an opportunity to speak with Dr. J.L. Wheeler about our new Endoscopy Services that we were offering at Cimarron Memorial. He had some words of wisdom that he asked me to pass along.

Doc: “Colon cancer is the number two killer in the United States and is almost 100% preventable. Polyps grow on the colon wall and can become malignant. The polyps can be removed during the procedure, which reduces the need to have a diagnostic scope and then have a second procedure to remove the polyps. No other surgeries are usually necessary. Polyps in the colon wall are common but if caught early, they can be removed. If you wait until they start bleeding, they have usually already metastasized somewhere else. Most insurance companies, Medicare & Medicaid pay for diagnostic scopes and they are recommended for everyone over the age of fifty. Let the people of Boise City know that we have a real good man coming in from Hobart to provide these services here at home.”

Dr. Frank Thomas is going to be here June 17 th & 18 th to provide Endoscopy Services at Cimarron Memorial. Our Physicians and Staff were extremely pleased with this gentleman's skills and abilities. If you are interested in scheduling a Colonoscopy or EGD, please call Tammie Avent at 544-3008. This is just another example of how Cimarron Memorial is trying to bring services home to our county.

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