License support lost, nurse practitioner's practice ends

by C.F. David

Nurse Practitioner Lynda Bieber's practice at Cimarron Memorial has drawn to a close after a short tenure.

Bieber, who with her husband moved from Montana, had been hired with a degree in Gerontology and was due to test for a family practice license.

“The issue is that a nurse practitioner must be credentialed with bylaws; and in order to be credentialed, there must be physican support,” explained Rod Burrus, the hospital's CEO. “This isn't an independent process he added.”

Burrus further explained that the problem at Cimarron Memorial was a physican stretched too thin; that with Dr. Pam Yoga working in the clinic, emergency room, nursing home and the hospital, (when there were patients), there was no time to supervise Ms. Bieber.

“Lynda was working under Dr. Yoga; and Dr. Yoga didn't feel she could adequately supervise her,” Burrus explained.

“Dr. Yoga is sad that she had to pull her support of Lynda,” Burrus said.

“It was the most heart wrenching thing I've had to do so far,” Burrus added. Lynda was liked in the community and the nursing home residents adored her,” he continued.

“I am trying to work something out so Lynda can stay in the community. I'm looking to use her to fill a risk-management position,” he said.

Burrus then explained that he was working to “fix” the hospital's finances so he could bring in another doctor; and at that time perhaps Bieber could once again be utilized in her chosen field.

However, at press-time, it is reported, though not confirmed, that Bieber has chosen to leave Cimarron Memorial and seek opportunities with a hospital somewhere in Texas.

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