The latest , most popular political football, is border security, i.e. illegal aliens.

Neither political party has really been very interested in the problem until the approach of the 2006 midterm elections. What is a serious issue has devolved to a game for Hot Potato between Donkeys and Elephants, and no one has really addressed the problem..nor will they ever.

The problem is money, or the lack of it in poorer nations. Hispanics from Mexico and Central America have become the defacto face of illegal immigration. Until Mexico, and the nations of Central and South America eliminate their corruption and stabilize their economies, our southern border will be assailed by people wanting to be able to have their cake and eat it too; the ability to have the dream of the United States without having to move here permanently.

The governments of those nations have the best of both world's millions or perhaps billions of U.S. dollars injected into their economies without having to furnish jobs for their poor.

But, there are other illegals, those with a white face of Ireland, and Eastern Europe. We have a border at the top of our nation that stretches from Washington state to New York.

The self-named “Minutemen” have set up watch stations in the desert Southwest, turning their backs on our equally porous northern border with Canada. (Where recently 17 terrorists were arrested.)

The “Minutemen” are little more than Klansmen wrapping themselves in our flag, comparing themselves in name only to real Patriots who more than 250 years ago faced down the world's best army with pitchforks and single shot rifles. If they weren't bigots in disguise they'd be watching Canada too.

An Oklahoma Senator wants English our official language, it's useless and unneeded. You are supposed to have a working knowledge of English to be a citizen. Only citizens are supposed to vote. Do away with bilingual ballots. We are the melting pot, within our large cities are enclaves of Russians, Germans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Jews, the list is endless. We have made no exceptions for any other race or language, so let's stop making exceptions, and leave the Constitution alone.

The U.S. Business community isn't guiltless in this problem. Companies, large and small in the form of packing plants, fruit and vegetable companies and many small businessmen underwrite illegal immigration and undermine what little efforts there are to staunch it. Fine them...heavily.

President Bush, and his Texas clone, Governor Rick Perry have big plans, using fences, sophisticated electronics and National Guardsmen to stop the influx of hungry men and women wanting to work. Both have crowed of cutting taxes. With fewer taxes collected, from where will the funds come to enact all these changes? Your president, and any governor along the border, will be writing hot checks, that's how.

Let's take race out of the picture and admit we have TWO large and porous borders and insist others take care of their own.

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