Cimarron Industrial Authority votes to sell old milo plant

by C.F. David

The Cimarron Industrial Authority was gaveled to order by Chairman Frank Lynch on Monday night.

The board, with oversight of the Milo Plant located on Boise City 's southeast side met to consider placing the property up for sale by bid.

The property is presently being leased by John Ford, a Clayton businessman. He has several pieces of equipment on the property, and has part of the building leased to an oil service company.

In addition to Lynch, board members Fred Risley, Nolan Ottinger, Avis Strasner and Brent Turner were also in attendance.

Lynch opened the floor for discussion, and Ottinger said, “I think right now would be the best time to sell the building.”

Lynch turned to Cimarron County Commissioner John Howard Freeman who has been in touch with Global Enviorotech, a company interested in either buying the property, or a long term lease with an option to buy.

“They want it to house their distribution center,” Freeman said. “They'd like to expand the building.”

Freeman also said the company promised to bring 10 jobs to the county.

Freeman added that Ford seemed to be willing to lease the building to Global Enviortech, (at a profit to him), provided his lease could stay for at least 12 months and he could collect the rent.

Strasner, attempted to reduce the speed at which the proceedings were moving, “You have to get these agreements lined up,” she said.

Lynch told the board that he felt that Ford had some interest in purchasing the building and lots.

Ottinger told the board that perhaps as many as three locals had expressed an interest in buying the property.

“Is the lease what we want to do; or do we want to sell the property?” Ottinger asked.

“I'd like to sell,” Turner injected.

“I'd like to do what's most profitable to the county. We've got to get out of this lease agreement first,” Strasner said.

Lynch insisted that a clause in the lease's contract allowed the board to sell the property.

Glancing over the contract, Strasner seemed to agree, “OK, we can get out..I guess,” she said.

Tuner then made the motion to place the property up for bid, and Risley seconded.

The motion passed four to one, with Strasner casting the lone no vote.

Lynch then took the responsibility of contacting attorney Stan Manske for legal guidance.

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