ODOT meeting

by C.F. David

Cimarron Memorial Hospital’s CEO, Dave Peyok said on Tuesday, that the hospital’s loan from a New Mexico bank needs just one document to be complete. The document in question has to do with the county sales tax being used as collateral for the loan.

“I hope to have the paper work by the next commissioner’s meeting” Peyok said. “I keep putting it [signing of the loan] on each agenda,” he added.

Peyok said the facility has still managed to placate the Internal Revenue Service while they wait for the expected loan to go through.

Asked if he’d heard from the Oklahoma Health Authority about a solution to avoid delicensing the nursing home, Peyok said, “No. They called and I wasn’t available. Since then we’ve been playing phone tag. I don’t put a lot of hope in them for some reason.’

Peyok explained that he feels that if the authority had good news, they would have hinted at  it in a message left.

“So we’ll move ahead with delicensure. They know we plan to do that,” he said. “My gut feeling is that what they are doing is to sooth the letter writers.”

Asked if the facility had made arrangements for contracts with any private pay residents, Peyok said that there were as many as six residents who wanted to be private pay. But he went on to explain that the residents and or their families had to come as a group, with a proposed daily rate. He explained that the hospital could not deal with them individually.

“There needs to be a group that sends someone to say...the group will write a contract for example that they will pay 40 percent of the medicare Daily rate. But they haven’t established a spokesperson.”

“They [residents or their families] have talked to board members, or they’ve talked to the Department of Health. They’ve talked to everyone but me.”

Asked if the hospital had plans to hire another Chief Financial Officer, Peyok said he wasn’t sure what the board might choose to do, but it was his plan not to hire a CFO at this time.

“I want to get everything [finances] cleaned up,” he explained.

He said the Cost Report was done and that they were finishing an audit.

Kathy, (Kathy Roberts), and I are training in the financial system,” he said.

Asked how the hospital was doing with meeting payroll with he and Kareen Jannsen here, and without the loan, Peyok replied, “Well Kareen and I are volunteers, so that’s an easy one. We have been meeting the payroll with the hospital’s operations.

Asked if having lost several employees due to attrition had made meeting payroll easier, Peyok shook his head, “It’s been what it’s always been,” he said.

Asked if with the delicensure and leveling out of operations he felt the hospital might need to rehire any former employees, Peyok shook his head, “No I think it’ll work and we won’t have to lay anyone off. Everyone should be absorbed into the hospital.”