by Norma Jean Young

Judging by the crowds, the Santa Fe Trail Daze was a success. The weather cooperated beautifully for most of the events, and visitors seemed to be enjoying everything.

HeeHaw was well attended, as well as the Saturday evening dinner at the museum. Attendance was lighter than usual on the bus tour, but it's possible that most of those who have been coming each year have already enjoyed that trip. No telling what will take place next year if the alumni reunion is held at the same time as Trail Daze, as planned.


The last time we were inundated by those messy, stupid, annoying millers was in April, 2004. I have been dreading their return ever since then, and now they are showing up, one at a time, two months late, which is fine with me. I swatted the first one a few days ago, and a second one over the week-end. If this is a permanent change, and they just appear a few days apart, I can handle that better than in previous years—dozens at a time for several weeks, while I stumble around the house in the half-dark, swatting continuously.


“The music industry today is controlled by teenagers and tone-deaf morons who think music is what you see on MTV in three-minute videos.” I don't know who said that, but he should at least be awarded the Medal of Honor.

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