Strategic planners meet

by Robbie Fowler

On the evening of April 29, a few determined members of the Cimarron County Strategic Planning Committee met at the Keyes Bank Annex Building in Boise City. The session was a coordinated effort of Extension Director Marty Allbright and Don Cox, a former EDC executive to expand the group's knowledge concerning goal-setting and creation of a three-year strategic plan for the communities of Cimarron County.

Discussions centered on the need to attract jobs through the means of economic and business development. Cimarron County is in a unique position to address the changes that the future holds for our businesses, schools, and citizens. Our population is an aging one that looks to younger generations to assume the positions of leadership and to build on their past successes and to learn from the challenges that they have met. It is in this role as a lead organization that the Cimarron County Strategic Planning Committee hopes to inform, motivate, and improve each one of the communities in the county.

How would you present your town to a newcomer? As a place of stagnation and little hope for change, or as a community where opportunity and optimism reflect the mind-set of the people?

There is a need to define who we are as a community so that our strengths and weaknesses can be identified. This information can then be used to plan for the future of our communities and what they will represent for the next generation. A cohesive group comprised of local and county organizations and businesses, schools and clubs, groups and individuals can be the leader in this process. This is the role that the Cimarron County Strategic Planning Committee hopes to fulfill.

The next meeting will be on May 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the Keyes Bank Annex Building in Boise City. Participants are citizens of Keyes, Griggs, Felt, Kenton, Boise City and all points between. You do not have to be a business owner or manager; the input of the customer is needed as well. You do not have to be an ‘old-timer.' The enthusiasm of the newest members of the communities is needed to broaden our thinking. All that is required is some of your time and a chance to share your vision for our 1,840 square-mile home, Cimarron County. See you there!

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