How's that done? Or, what's it take to print the paper?

Each issue of The Boise City News is touched by many

Each Wednesday, by about noon, The Boise City News is either on the rack or in the mail. By that afternoon, the wheels are in motion to create the next issue. As each week's publication evolves, many different individuals play their part in helping make the publication date.

The Boise City News has a circulation of approximately 1,700 and covers most of the contiguous United States, Alaska and two foreign nations, Sweden and Korea.

Though some think what happens in Cimarron County has no meaning, our citizens' have, can have, and have had, a profound though often humorous impact around the world.

Shelby Walton, a former resident told of receiving the paper while in the service in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, and how it affected three “hootch-mates from the Eastern Seaboard.

According to Walton, when the paper first began to arrive, and his buddies read the “Keyes News” they laughed at the small town gossip. However, as their stay in the war zone drug on, the information and characters from the Heartland became real to the homesick servicemen.

“Pretty soon I had to fight them for The Boise City paper,” Walton grinned with remembrance. “They had put a face on each of those people. They had begun to care about their lives.”

The paper, now owned by Steven Cauly of Little Rock, Ark, has two full-time employees; Office Manager, Cathy Richardson and Editor, C.F. David. Part-time publication employees include Advertising and typesetting, Judy Gabriel, Proofreader Ina McCune, and Photographer Gordon Folkers.

Each paper depends heavily on information, text and photographs brought into the office by the public.

As editor, David, gathers hard news such as accidents, city and county board meetings, and features.

For covering the news from the rest of the county, David depends heavily on various correspondents. The columns they write, give the paper it's unique, homey personality.

In Keyes, Esther Israel, has been writing the Keyes News for 21 years.

The Kenton Korner column is shared by five different women, each rotating for a month.

The Plainview and Griggs communities have a similar arrangement.

Roberta Boydston, writes for Felt and Wheeless.

Page two, the opinion page, has four regular contributors, including the editor.

Norma Gene Young, a former owner writes her “Ramblings” column every other week; Kelly Collins, of Kenton, has his Collins Comments in each week; and State Representative Gus Blackwell, keeps the county's citizens apprised weekly on what's happening in the state capitol.

Newspapers, depending on their page count, (six, ten and 14 pages for example) have one loose page in the middle, called, a “dink.” However, if the paper has a huge ad covering two pages opposite the other, the connected pages are referred to as “a double truck.”

The paper's text and photographs are composed on a computer, printed, and then cut and pasted to a “layout sheet using a wax applicator.”

The paper must be laid out by Tuesday evening, and then at about 5 a.m., on Wednesday, it's transported to the Guymon Daily Herald print shop for printing.

The Hooker Advance and Tri-State News from Elkhart, Kan. are printed first, and The Union County Leader, from Clayton, N.M. after the Boise City News.

At the Daily Herald, print shop Director Earl Mallard, and his crew, take over.

J.D. Burroughs photographs each page.

Mallard or Joe Ruiz, aligns and tapes each page with it's corresponding page, (in a ten-page paper, pages one and ten will be taped together.)

The two negatives are then “burned” onto an aluminum plate covered with an emulsion; the emulsion is then removed and the plate crimped to fit the printer drum.

The printer works with a combination of ink and water, ink flowing to the print and water flowing to each white space without print.

When the printer starts it's roll, it takes only about five minutes to print and fold the entire 1,700 issue run.

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