County teens arrested after party melee

by C.F. David

Two Cimarron County teens, students at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, in Weatherford were arrested April 15 by Weatherford police officers.

Slade Terry, and Kevin Ottinger, both age 19 were arrested at the scene of a large off-campus party.

Ottinger, according to a police report filed by Weatherford police officer Sgt. Josh VanDeburgh, was arrested for public intoxication when he was slow to leave the scene when officers told an estimated 200-300 partiers to disperse.

Terry, was arrested and charged with public intoxication, and two felony counts of assault and battery on a police officer.

According to the police report, Sgt. VanDeburgh responded to the scene at 710 State St, Weatherford, at about 10:04 p.m. after being notified by SWOSU Police Officer Brady Penner that he was out at a fight.

Penner and off-duty Weatherford Police Officer Shane McLaughlin approached a large crowd of males engaged in a fight. As they approached, McLaughlin, according to the police report, (while exhibiting his badge), yelled “Police”. Several in the group turned toward the officers and responded by cursing.

The group then approached the officers and Terry allegedly thrust his chest out and pushed Penner.

Penner then reported that he yelled for Terry to back up; when he failed to do so Penner then placed his hands against Terry's chest and shoved him backward. Terry again approached Penner and shoved him forcefully and said “I ain't getting back.” Terry, according to Penner, then shoved him with open hands against the chest with enough force that the officer fell into a group of people and injured a thumb and finger. Penner said that Terry advanced again before being restrained by friends.

Sgt. VanDeburgh reported that as he arrived he witnessed Penner facing a group of males, his baton drawn. Sgt. VanDeburgh observed that there seemed to be a fight going inside the circle and that as he approached Penner indicated that Terry, scuffling with a group of males inside the circle was the individual he wanted.

Sgt.VanDeburgh then reported that he moved one male and stepped into the circle and took Terry by the shoulder to remove him from the group. At that point Sgt. VanDeburgh said Terry seemed to recognize him and hesitated before charging the officer.

According to VanDeburgh, he, Terry, and three other officers then scuffled on the ground until Terry was taken into custody.

The two felony charges against Terry carry fines of $500 each and/or the possibility of imprisonment of up to five years.

The misdemeanor charge of public intoxication carries a possible punishment of five to 30 days in jail, and/or a fine of $10 to $100.

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