To the Editor:

It is regrettable that our editor has been duped by the senate career politicians and their lackeys in the media when he slung his smooth stone at Tom Coburn. Hopefully, the majority of the rest of us can see through the ruse of trumped-up retaliatory charges against Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. Senator Coburn has had the audacity to continue his fight against government waste, pork projects, and accounting trickery that he began in the House of Representatives. For his efforts, and in an attempt to silence him, the ethics committee has accused him of violating their rules by continuing his non-profit obstetrics practice in Muskogee. The Senate rules prohibit “substantial” outside income for senators. While many, if not most, senators spend more time fund-raising and at speaking engagements than Senator Coburn does delivering babies for no profit, that apparently is acceptable to the ethics committee. The strong message to Senator Coburn is “go along to get along”, but he is apparently not listening and is intent instead on fulfilling his campaign pledge to the tax payers to cut wasteful government spending anyway he can. Hopefully the Senate Rules Committee under Chairman Trent Lott will save the Senate from embarrassment by amending the rule. We know that columnist Robert Novak was correct when he said “What is sure is that Tom Coburn will neither yield nor shut up”

J.L. Mike Barnes

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