Reporting Planted Acreage

The Cimarron County FSA office is now accepting appointments for producers to report and certify their 2006 crop acreage plantings. Producers who participate in the Direct & Counter-cyclical Program (DCP), request a commodity loan, Loan Deficiency Payments (LDP), or Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) are required to annually report all crops planted or those growing on the participating farms. A total cropland acreage report is required for any farm participating in DCP for the 2006 and subsequent crop years.

The final date to timely report fall seeded and spring seeded small grain crops is May 31, 2006 . The final date to report all other crops for the 2006 crop year is August 1, 2006 .

Non-insured crops must be reported by the earlier of the date listed above or 15 days prior to the date they are harvested or grazed.

Important : All cropland acres which include crops planted, CRP, fallow cropland, and cropland in grass on a farm must be reported and accounted for to participate in the DCP program.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions concerning this or any other program offered by the Cimarron County FSA Office contact us at (580) 544-2401 Ext.2.


Direct & Counter-cyclical Program Signup

It's time to signup for the 2006 Direct & Counter-cyclical Program (DCP). Producers will need to contact the FSA Office to schedule an appointment to enroll your farm(s) and report your fall seeded crop plantings if you haven't already done so. Once the farm is enrolled in DCP you have the opportunity to request an advance payment of 40% at any time until September 1, 2006 . All producers sharing in the risk of producing a crop on the enrolled base acres are entitled to a share of the DCP payments. Producers who don't have an interest in the crop or share in the risk of producing a crop are not eligible to receive DCP payments.

DCP requirements are:

F All producers sharing in payments must sign a DCP contract ,CCC-509, before the farm can be approved for payment.

F Farms enrolled in DCP can plant any program commodity on contract acres, Except fruits, vegetables, and wild rice.

F Farms not enrolled in DCP or are non-based can plant any commodity on crop land as long as Highly Erodible Land provisions are met.

F DCP signup will continue until June 1, 2006 after this date a late file fee of $100.00 per farm will apply.

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