County-city search for officers

by C.F. David

Cimarron County and Boise City are both on the search for law enforcement officers.

Cimarron County Sheriff Keith Borth said on Tuesday that he had several resumes and was considering one heavily.

The county lost an officer when Deputy William (Chip) Jones took a job downstate.

Puclik resigns

Boise City came up short an officer with the sudden resignation of Officer Tim Puclik.

Puclik said he has no job opportunities as of yet.

Asked why he decided to resign without a job to go to, Puclik replied, “I was kinda forced out. I was serving a six-month probationary period and you are at the mercy of the department. I'd rather not go into it any further,” he added.

City Manager Rod Avery said that Puclik had resigned and that he [Avery] had no idea what Puclik was going to do.

“We will start advertising [for an officer]” Avery said.

“We try to advertise regionally and locally,” Avery added.

In Oklahoma , a department may hire an untrained officer with the proviso he or she be trained within a year.

“We try to hire them certified or nearly certified. Because we only have one or two chances to certify them in the year.” Avery said. “Everyone tries to hire certified officers,” he explained.

When asked what criteria he looked for in an officer, Avery replied, “It's better if they have had experience with the high plains. It's a little different out here. We try to hire people from around here, or those who have been around here.”

Cimarron county Sheriff Keith Borth said that Oklahoma 's Certification is stiff, especially the physical training.

“It's harder on an older person,” Borth said.

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