Esther Israel is Centennial SFTD Queen

This my story. I have lived almost all of my life in Cimarron County though I was born across the line in Texas County.

In 1926 we  moved to the Keyes Community when my Mother and Dad, Mamie and Harry Ford, my uncle Nomon Ford and my granddad J.O. “Odie” Ford came to Keyes to build the depot and section houses and we have been here ever since. We moved to the Hurley area and when I first started to school I was so little John Vannatta or Connolley McBride had to get off the school bus and lift me on.

I went to school my first year in what was then the First Baptist Church basement and in the next several years in the wooden school houses they moved in and when the new School was built on South side of the football field I started junior high and high school there. I graduated in 1941.

On our Jr.-Sr. trip we went in a farm truck with a tarp over it and to help pay for the trip others sometimes paid to go along. That year M.J. Israel paid to go along and we started dating. He was called to service in 1942 and I stayed with his Mother Alma Israel to help look after her while he was gone.

He couldn’t afford to call but we kept in touch with letters. He was sent to Ft. Benning, Georgia, at Columbus. In 1943 I got brave enough to get on the train and ride to Columbus. When we had our wedding plans made we crossed the river to Phenix City, Alabama and were married. We rented a bedroom with kitchen privileges in a home in Columbus.

We were married 62 years before he passed away in 2004. We weren’t supposed to have children but in 1948 we had a son named Roger Randall. He passed away with Kidney infection when he was a year old. In 1954 we lucked out again and had our son Timothy Peter. In 1966 we had the good fortune to get our daughter Norma by adoption. M. J. said it was one of best things we ever did. We had a hand in raising several other children who were kind of like our own.

In 1962 we built our home so Norma could have a room and didn’t have to sleep on the couch.

In September of  1954 Tupperware came along and I decided to give it a try. Tim was only seven months old and 53 years later I am still selling Tupperware.

None of the males in M. J.’s life lived to be more than 62 but he lacked two weeks being 88 when he passed away and in that 26 years we traveled the world courtesy of Tupperware.   We were in 28 countries overseas and all but Delaware in the United States. five trips to Hawaii and five along the coast of Mexico.

Norma taught at a base in Germany and we saw several more countries when we went to see her. She taught in Redding, California, and they let her design the science building and then named it after her.

We lost our first grandson when Timmy Lane Talbert was killed in Guymon. He was a wonderful artist and played guitar. He was in his 20’s.

In 1976 Tim married our wonderful daughter-in-law Jan Clark daughter of Hal and Pat Clark. They gave us three precious grandsons which have accomplished so many things. Two of them Kent and Kirk attend college at Oklahoma Wesleyan in Bartlesville as does Kent’s lovely wife Dana.  Kent graduated,  and Dana will graduate in December with honors. Kirk has one more year. Jan has home schooled them all through school and sports at which they have excelled. We laughingly say Tim has nothing to do. Upon graduating from College he had an office waiting in Elk City and after a few years he and a fraternity buddy opened their own office in Sayre plus he is a judge at Cheyenne and a Lay Pastor for 10 years plus at Canute Methodist church in Canute. He is the Director of DeMolay for Boys and Jan is Rainbow girls Director and Dana the new daughter-in-law is State President of Rainbow.

I could tell you hours of stories of all the things I have done in Tupperware for I am the longest living continual person in Tupperware nation-wide. I am the only one to hold five parties in five states in one day with my wonderful hostesses. I have a houseful of trophies, gifts, furniture and have owned 37 Free automobiles . I have broken so many national records both for myself and the girls who were in my unit. I had one Miss America in my Unit and I had Anita Bryant’s Mother and was with Anita all the way to her Miss America trophy. I have danced with Lawrence Welk and been sang to by two others on his show and was well aquainted with Alice Lon, (Welk’s Champagne singer), and sat on Johnny Rodriquez’ knee while he sang to me. I think I would have to say I have had a wonderful life with a few bumps along the way.