A lot hinges on Felt School vote

According to a promational folder for the Felt School Bond Election, a lot is in the balance for Feltís students and its school plant. The election is next Tuesday, May 8. The folder lists 20 needs in matter of importance. there are pricetags on may of these items.

New gym locker roof- $10, 833.

The roofs over the gymís lobby and elementary grades three through six, leak, $1,000.

All of the outside doors need to be replaced for need of security and weather, $37, 440.

Fire alarms in the main building and gym- no estimate.

Curb and gutters, $22,783

Sidewalks, $29, 913. ($20 K will come from community supporters and the Felt Foundation).

Street repair, $15,000.

Telephones, $500.

Repair failing concrete, $76, 372.

Fire rated doors on rooms with heaters, $3,120.

Water proof wall, $3,600.

Windows, $31,057.

Interior wall repair, $10, 000

Siding, $13, 838

Handicapped restroom, no estimate.

Home-Ec rooms and concession stand, no cost.

Well needs rework, last year, $100,000. If the bond passes, a grant will be possible.