by Norma Gene Young

Some relatives of mine have a two-year-old son who is learning a lot of things. Many trains pass through their town, tooting as they go. Their dog howls and barks each time he hears the train, and the child, Brody, has learned to make sounds just like the dog.

The parents thought that was a cute trick until they took Brody to church recently. During the service a train went through and gave its usual toot. I guess it made Brody homesick. He let go with his howl and bark in the middle of the service.

He hasn't been back to church since. I imagine the parents will ty it again when he's 10 or so.

There is a surprise for users of the new Verizon phone book, if they are hunting listings for several Cimarron County offices. Fifteen of them are not there. The sheriffs number, however, is listed under City of Boise City as “Police Department Emergency Calls” at 544-2020. Here are those offices that were omitted between Cimarron County Chamber of Commerce and Cimarron County Tag Agent—all 544 numbers, of course.

Ambulance Service 3112 Judge's Office 2471 Attorney 2431 or 2433 Conservation District 3048 County Clerk 2251 Purchasing Department 3420 County Shop #2 2931 Court Clerk 2221 Election Board 3377 Emergency Management 2938 Library 2715

OSU Extension 3399 or 3691 Sheriff 2020 Tax Assessor 2701 Treasurer 2261

Now cut this out and paste it in your phone book. You're welcome!

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