Businesses, home, struck by burglars

by C.F. David

Keyes Police Chief Larry Taylor reports that the city was struck early morning hours of Wed. May 19 by burglar(s).

According to Taylor, between 1:15 and 3:05 a.m., six businesses were robbed of cash totaling $329.

Entry to the businesses was gained in a variety of ways; doors, that had been absent mindedly left unlocked, windows pried open and doors forced.

Taylor said there were no identifiable fingerprints left at the crime scenes.

The businesses hit were: The Elkhart Co-Op, 101 Saloon, Sunshine Grill, B&B Garage and Grany's Restaurant. At Grany's, located on Highway 56, the perpetrators also forced open a video security camera and took, the security tape. This act has convinced Taylor that the criminal(s) are known to the community.

An attempt was also made to retrieve money from the night depository of The First State Bank of Keyes. This changed the case from a local burglary to a Federal crime, and agents for the OSBI and FBI are now also involved in the investigation.

Taylor also said a home was burgled later that morning with entry being made through a second story window, though he has no proof this crime is connected.

‘We aren't sure yet if anything was taken,” Taylor said of the home burglary.

“We will be doing some interviews and trying to solve this,” Taylor said.

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