Slinging a Smooth Stone

by C.F. David

If you've felt like someone has been going through your pants pockets lately, you were right. Your government, the men and women you freely elected, are reaching in your pockets; they are thinking about taking more of your the guise of keeping you safe from terrorists.

Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas is trying to give the Bush administration what they've coveted for at least the last two years; more of your Constitutional rights.

If Roberts, a Republican from Dodge City has his way, the FBI will soon have subpoena powers outside the purview of either judges or grand juries. All they have to do is claim they are investigating terrorism.

If given these powers the FBI will be able to come to your home, or place of business and demand of you, medical and tax records, gun purchase and travel receipts.

You would be able to protest the FBI's intrusion, after they've taken your documents and purused them.

Twice a year, the administration would have to report to congress how the investigatory powers were being used.

After your privacy and reputation had been violated on nothing more than a suspicion.

These new powers would also make secret searches and wiretaps more easily done.

Your government already has the power to try you in a court without public record.

Can you spell Gestapo, children?

Remember the good old days when Republicans bragged that it was they who were protecting your rights as they fomented the fear that the big bad Democrats, lead by the despicable Clintons were taking all of your Constitutional rights?

Remember how they said Hillary wouldn't be happy until she had all your guns?

The present Republican administration, with the help of former Attorney General John Ashcroft and his political spawn Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, have done more than anyone in history to attempt to dismantle the Bill of Rights.

We all remember, seeing the planes flying into the towers at the World Trade Center. We all want to feel safe again.

However, if, with the surrender of these rights, every terrorist is wiped from the earth, (and they won't be), we still wouldn't be safe...from our own government.

Our erosion of rights must; the powers of the Patriot Act must be restrained.

The words for the week are: “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” - H.L. Mencken

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