by Norma Jean Young

The western writer, Elmer Kelton, covered the subject of pumpkin rollers in a book he wrote in 1996. He explained they were cotton farmers in East Texas who were disillusioned with farming and wanted to become cattle ranchers. Title of the book is “Pumpkin Rollers”.

He covered the subject by relating the experiences of one young man who, 10 years before the Civil War, moved from East Texas and settled just east of the Caprock. And that, friends, was a long time before any of our ancestors were in this area later known as the Panhandle of Oklahoma, unless said ancestors were Indians following buffalo herds through these parts.

I still have the feeling that our friend, John Phillips, writer for Car and Driver magazine, had no earthly idea what he was talking about when he referred to all of us as pumpkin rollers.


Somewhere back East recently a man went into a drug store, announced that he was robbing the place as he pulled a gun and placed a plastic bag over his head. Then he suddenly realized he had forgotten to cut eyeholes in the bag.

The moral of this story is “plan ahead!”


Dave Barry had an interesting opinion recently about sailing. He said, “There's nothing quite like getting out on the open sea, where you can forget about the hassles and worries of life on land, and concentrate on the hassles and worries of life on the sea, such as death by squid.”


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