Hello everybody,

Just recently, I had the great privilege of babysitting for some friends while they were out of town for a week.Not children but cats (no one in their right mind would leave me with kids for a week)!Those kitties were the cutest in the world, well, with the exception of my kitty cat.

There were four new litters born while we were taking care of them.Baby kittens are so cute with their eyes closed, with those little tails, and those massive lungs! It is amazing that something so small could be so loud, then again look at me!

It sounds corny but cats are just like people, when you first meet them they arenít sure if they should trust you or not.As they get to know you they start trusting you more and more and eventually become your friends.This week I have gained 22 new friends, really cute ones. As odd as it may sound, I have nick names for all 22 of them. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the names I gave them.

Now that the kitty catsí owners are home I donít get to see them every dayÖ But I will definitely be popping in on them every now and then!That is a warning.I hope they will be ready because they will never know when I am going to show up.