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Boise City Garden Club met on Tuesday, May 10th at home of hostess Gerry Snapp. President Caroline Witten brought meeting to order with flag salute. Gerry Snapp brought devotional. She read a “Rose Is Still a Rose”.

Mickey Lynch read last months minutes as secretary was gone. Treasurer Bernice Compton brought treasurer's report. Both were approved.

Birthday cards were signed for Louise Smith and Helen Mackey.

Boise City Garden Club hosted Nursing Home birthday party on May 12th. Cake, punch, and fruit was served to all. Iris Wilkinson was the only person with a brithday in May. Club members there were Bonnie Borth, Linda David, Helen Moore, Gerry Snapp, Betty Porter, Mickey Lynch, Louise Smith and Becky Smoot.

Everyone needs to remember the flower show during Santa Fe Trail Daze. This will be on Saturday at city hall. Bring flowers before parade. Cookies will be served. Plants will be given to any who want as long as they last. The show is open to any one with flowers. The flowers are not judged. A gift certificate will be given as a door prize.

Gerry Snapp brought a program on Container Gardening. Types of Containers:

1. Any container can be used if it holds soil and has bottom drainage holes.

2. Use large containers for tomatoes—no fillers in bottom

3. Most annuals require only 8" soil depth

4. Raise Container off ground with bricks for better drainage

5. Line containers with newspaper to prevent soil loss

Fillers for containers—bottom 1/3 of container

1. Aluminum cans

2. Empty plastic gallon jugs

3. Empty small plant containers

4. Styrofoam


1. Potting soil - needs to be porous - not garden soil

2. Hydro gels - water holding gels - rehydrate first

3. Some sources say replace soil in containers each year

4. If you choose to reuse soil in larger containers, refresh with more new potting soil, manure

5. Mulch for better moisture retention

Fertilizer and Watering

1. Frequent watering washes out nutrients

2. Use 15/30/15 fertilizer every 2-3 weeks

3. Container plantings may need watering every day - watering until water runs out bottom of container

4. Small containers may need more than one watering a day.


1. Plant too much rather than too little for lush, full effect

2. Use ration of 3-4 flowering plants with one foliage plant

3. Rule of three: Trailers, fillers, uprights (petunias, spread verbena for trailing.

4. Shade - Bronze leaf begonia, green leaf begonia, impatiens, coleus

5. Group containers for best effect

6. There are very few plants that can not be planted in a container

Micro Climates

1. Container gardening allows you to move plants to more favorable sites, if wind, sun, animals, etc., cause plants to not flourish in that particular location

2. If a container does not do well, you can simply remove it

3. Sun loving plants need at least 6 hours of sun a day

Roll call was answered by Caroline Witten, Linda David, Bernice Compton, Helen Moore, Louise Smith, Mickey Lynch, Gerry Snapp and one guest Lois Stancell. Next meeting will be June 14, 2005 at 2:00pm. Hostess is Bernice Compton.

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