Wheat Stripe Rust possible in Cimarron County fields

by Steve Kraich-

OSU Extension

Wheat turning yellow? It is very possible that wheat stripe rust has invaded the field. We have a lot of very good looking wheat in this area. The weather that we have been having cool spring days with periodic rains - not only promotes tremendous wheat growth and development but also provides an excellent environment for foliar diseases. Stripe rust has become very prevalent in the last few days. The race of stripe rust that is showing up this year seems to be different than in the past. Jagger has been considered stripe-rust resistant however this year stripe rust has shown up in some Jagger fields. Some of the newer varieties are very susceptible to stripe rust. Producers should not assume that their wheat will not get stripe rust. Constant monitoring of the fields is necessary. Symptoms of stripe rust are long, rectangular strips of small yellowish-orange pustules on the leaves. These pustules consist of masses of rust spores. Leaf rust pustules occur in a random pattern over the leaf surface and are darker in color. Stripe rust may also be known as yellow rust. If left untreated it can kill the leaves of the wheat plant, which is where the food is generated to form the wheat kernels. The wheat plant is in a very critical growth stage at the present time,( boot to heading ). Plant protection in the form of a fungicide will help protect the flag leaf from further damage . Cost of product and application will vary from one area to another. However applications need to be applied before stage 10.5 which is at flowering. For further information contact Steve Kraich at the Texas County OSU Extension office 580-338-7300

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