To the Editor of the Boise City News

I read with dismay yet another issue of the Boise City News.

What was front page news? College boys arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct and other news. I will concede that all of this is in fact news but just maybe some other things should have made the front page.

What about the possible disaster facing the wheat crop in this area due to stripe rust?

Maybe, an article about stripe rust, what it is and how to scout for it?

What the losses can be? What measures to take? What we can do in the future to avoid these problems.

I am not a learned editor just a business man. Part of my business is trying to keep up with what is going on with crops and their condition around the country. In this county our business is agriculture. It makes no difference what we do our fortunes are tied to agriculture. I do not make a lot of noise about crop problems because many folks are inclined to say, “ Sure because you are a aerial applicator looking for a job”

I guess I may be trying to blame someone for not getting the word our to the area farmers. Maybe I should have taken out a large ad to do that. Did the extension service release any information concerning stripe rust being found in the area? Why? (That might make a good story) What about USD A? Did they contact your paper? Do you even have any contacts with US DA or extension? You might consider consulting some or the local professionals. Maybe it is just that the locals are not considered because they are local?

Just my thoughts Ralph Compton

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