On April 21, 2005, the Home Culture Club met with Elizabeth Hinderliter.

No lesson had been prepared, so we planned the Country Store and programs for the coming year, beginning this September.

Our guest County Librarian Nina Hinderliter brought the Newberry&Calcutt award books for us to look at.These award winners are two of the three books we purchase each year for the library.

She also gave us a report of the Library's financial condition.

Delicious refreshments were served by Elizabeth and Nina.

Cleanup day at the Chevrolet building will be May 23, at 9 a.m.

“Trails Across the Prarie” is the theme this year for Santa Fe Trail Daze.

Passports for the Anniversary Cruise were given to Carolyn Shryock, Linda Gray, Deanna Francis, Faye Pitzer, Susie Odell, Faye Smith, Elizabeth and Dorothy Sechler.

Since they were absent, Linda David, Ginger Odell, Nancy Roberts and Mildred Cox, will receive theirs' later.

On May 5, members of the Home Culture Club traveled from Boise City to Hazel Hitching's “Chicken House”.

A delious banquet was served by Hazel and her granddaughter.

Carolyn Shryock installed the officers for 2005-06 by using a poem written by Ellis Marie Ward and a flower to represent each office.

Our cruise guide, Susie Odell took us to 12 different countries. She presented each of us a refrigerator magnet representing a different country.

Those taking the cruise included Linda David, Deanna Francis, Linda Gray, Elizabeth Hinderliter, Ginger Odell and her son Ethan, Susie Odell, Faye Pitzer, Nancy Roberts, Dorothy Sechler, Carolyn Shryock and Faye Smith.

We were very sorry that Mildred Cox couldn't join us.

We arrived back at our point of disembarkation, as the sun sank in the west, giving us a beautiful sunset.

We hope to see you at the Country Store and Pioneer Coffee on June 2, 3, and 4.

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