Boise City, Keyes schools dip, Felt sees rise on 2004 Academic Performance Index

All county schools in state complaince

by C.F. David

by C.F. David

According to the Oklahoma State Department of Education's website, the total scores for the Boise City and Keyes public schools K-12 took a dip in 2004, while Felt's scores came up on the Academic Performance Index. (API)

However, a spokesperson for the office of State Superintendent Sandy Garrett assured the Boise City News that ...all the schools are the ball park... of the state mean of 1000.

A handout from Garrett's office explains that the API baseline was established in 2002 as a numerical index to measure the performance of schools and districts, including the academic performance of their students. The API is, according to the handout, a way to measure yearly growth in performance and to either see the need for rewards or interventions.

The API was developed by administrators, teachers, and state department of education personnel.

The data used to establish the baseline was mandated by Title 70 and includes:

F The Oklahoma School testing program.

F School completion including attendance, dropout and graduation rates.

F Academic excellence, by utilizing ACT scores, Advanced Placement and college remediation rates in reading and math.

When funds are available, schools which meet, or exceed or demonstrate significant growth, those schools are then rewarded.

Schools that do not meet their targets may be eligible for interventions.

According to the website, Felt K-12 had total scores of 1125 in 2003 and 1225 in 2004; in comparison, Boise City had 1247 in 2003 and 1235 in 2004 compared to 1172 for Keyes in 2003 and 982 in 2004.

All other schools in the Panhandle ranked above the 1000 mean and all ranked above their 2003 scores.

Balko went from 1267 in 2003 to 1291; Beaver from 1216 to 1228; Forgan from 1064 to 1178; Turpin from 1083 to 1179; Hardesty from 1018 to 1103; Hooker from 1134 to 1160; Texhoma from 1152 to 1260 Yarbrough from 1201 to 1263 and Tyrone from 784 to 1260.

More information may be accessed at or by calling Jennifer Morris, at 405-522-6250; or Desiree Reed at 405-522-3520.

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