Collins's Comments

by Kelly Collins

Honest people have no reason to worry about what is going on in America right? Wrong. The gestapo (Homeland Security Agency) is at work again. Approximately 3 million truck drivers in America will soon have to go through a fingerprinting and criminal record check. These are drivers that haul hazardous materials.

The really cunning part of this is there is a kernel of real need for this. There are really dangerous materials being transported on our highways that in the hands of a madman or terrorist could cause more harm than the Oklahoma City bombing.

For the privilege of having to be fingerprinted and have a background check the driver is expected to pay 94 dollars. This shouldn't be a bad thing. After all the honest truck driver need not worry about anything right?

I see it as another way to inch the power of the gestapo that will turn into a mile later on. What is next? Maybe we should include UPS and FedEx drivers. After all they carry hazardous materials at times. I had to pay hazard rates to ship photographic chemicals one time. Or how about bread truck drivers. That is a real danger to us. Some deranged trucker with a load of white bread might stop and force-feed a community on white bread till the people burst. Oh or anything containing cholesterol should be included. How about anything with salt or sugar, those are very bad for you I am told.

Every time the gestapo sets new guidelines or rules those rules immediately go through a process to enlarge it to fit more and more situations. Wake up people. We were told back at the start of all this that the Homeland Security Agency would close it's doors when the threat went away. Where is the threat now? Who decides when there is no longer a threat? It is entrenched now and in the way of bureaucracies it will fight to perpetuate itself.

We the people have abdicated our place in the political process by not participating in it. To simply vote is not enough. I have heard so many people say we don't really have a person running for this or that office that I like. I myself said that about the office of the President last election. There are ways to change that. Committees, political caucuses that anyone can get in and work a little. Grass roots work. Get down to the soil that all this springs from and make sure what is going to be planted. It is not going to be changed from the top down it must be changed from the bottom up. We do pick the candidates through this process. It is the local representatives from the party caucuses that go to conventions that select our candidates.

We the People have by and large sat back and let only the politically aggressive people make these choices in our names. Check what is going on in your locality. It all starts right here in your home-town.

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