No wonder entertainment ticket prices are high

Did you ever wonder why it costs so much to see your favorite music, or comedy act, and why so many don't come to Amarillo any longer? Of's ALL about money, but maybe not exactly like you thought.

The entertainers who charge you double digits for the privilege of listening to their tapes and CDs, want to be pampered when the entertain you live.

On a website called “The Smoking Gun” and under “Backstage” you can read what performers have to have when they appear live.

For instance: Brittany Spears: needs seven clean dressing rooms, (two of them are hers, one to hang out in, one to change in).

Each of the rooms needs at least 12 one liter bottles of spring water, six cans of coke, one carafe of hot water, a tin of General Foods Instant coffees, (vanilla and Swiss Mocha), eight bottles of Gatorade, (grape and orange), a large platter with dip and albacore tuna, (Hellman's Mayo), and red Altoids among a long list of other items.

In her dressing room, 12 one-liter bottles of Evian water, a fruit tray, vegetable tray, and a deli-tray, one tray of assorted candy bars, one case of name-brand assorted soft drinks, and plenty of ice, a box each of Cap'n Crunch and Fruit Loops Cereals, one gallon each of apple, grape and orange juices, and a dozen large towels.

Not all entertainers are such divas. When Johnny Cash toured, his main requirement was that a U.S. flag, (at least three by five feet), be on the stage throughout the entire performance, but, he and June had needs: Two large dressing rooms, one gallon of coffee, milk, sugar and etc., one-half gallon of water, (no mineral or carbonated), fruit juices, one bowl each of unpeeled fruit, (enough for five).

Among Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's requirements: a large children's activity room.

Toby Keith: not a flower is sold in the venue other than his, and all the warm-up bands cannot undersell his T-shirts, etc., and Toby has his own credit card machine, all he needs is an 1-800 line. He also requires that the purchaser, furnish him 100 tickets between the fifth and sixth row, and another 100 for the local Coors distributer.

Willy Nelson: For Willy who claims he smoked a joint on the Whitehouse roof, all his concerts are smoke-free; all the food in his rooms will be organic, and he needs two gallons of “Geroge's active distilled Aloe Vera”. If whiskey is sold during the concert, it will be Willy's “ Old Whiskey River ”.

Clay Akin: Needs at least 25 security guards, and wants everyone searched for weapons, cameras and recording devices. No liquid can be served in bottles or glasses, or even heavy plastic.

There can be no coffee, nuts, mushrooms, mints, chocolate or shellfish, behind stage or in any of the dressing rooms.

Jennifer Lopez: needs a triple slide trailer, (at least 40 feet long), she also needs yellow roses, white roses and white lilies, in an all white room with white drapes, couches and table cloths.

The biggest diva seems to be magician David Copperfield: he needs two English speaking assistants between 5 feet three and five feet seven inches tall weighing no more than 125 pounds, he needs the purchaser to be responsible for the child labor laws pertaining to the 10-year-old illusion assistant he uses, and after each show he requires a stretch limousine and a male, English speaking driver familiar with the area until at least 2 a.m.

Now, take into consideration that none of these individuals can eat and drink all this stuff; so it's either hauled onto the buses or it goes to waste. These people make millions from live performances and the sale of T-shirts, flowers, and CDs and tapes, while requiring they be treated as royalty.

Check out their needs at

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