This is a sad week for us because our preacher and his family are moving to Raton , N.M. I have become so close to them in the past year that I am upset to see them go. I know they will only be two hours away and we can go see them often but it won't be the same as running next door from my granny's.

I am going to miss fighting with Luke, getting kicked by Seth, wrestling with Hannah, playing with Holly and talking about everything with KaLeigh. I am going to miss aggravating Martha and making her laugh. I will miss running to the door with all the other children screaming “Daddy is home” when Brian came in. He always hugged me right along with his own munchkins.

I will not miss Brian saying he forgot to read my article for a particular week. I am going to be sending this one to him so I will make sure they know how much they are loved and missed.

Sunday night after church we had a going away party for them and all of us children got to spend some time having extreme fun eating and playing. Although I will have to say that it wasn't much fun when KaLeigh dumped her cup of water on me. That's ok I have been asking for it for a while now.


It was sure hard to say goodbye. I even went so far as to try to hide in their van hoping Martha wouldn't notice. But of course, she found me and sent me packing.

I know it's going to be hard because things are different now. I am just glad we can stay friends forever no matter where we live. And I am so thankful God gave us a camper so we can go visit often.

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