Slinging a smooth stone

Coburn should remember he serves an area larger than his medical practice

by C.F. David, Editor The Boise City News

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, like other Republican Senators has run crosswise with the Senate's Ethics Committee, (see open letter from Coburn elsewhere).

The Committee has told Coburn he must give up his second job as a doctor of obstetrics. (It is a not-for-profit practice.)

Lucky for Coburn, the committee hasn't tried to paint him with the same brush as Speaker of the House Tom Delay, taking money from lobbyists. (Tsk tsk Tom.)

Coburn, who likes to be titled Senator Tom Coburn M.D., is from Muskogee and represents the Oklahoma Panhandle along with a huge chunk of the rest of the state. (He has offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Lawton, but seems to have forgotten the Panhandle or even Woodward.)

Coburn plans to fight the ethics committee edict, and is attempting to paint himself as a “citizen legislator” like those of the founding fathers.

The good doct...senat... oh whatever, needs to remember that the founding fathers represented only 13 colonies, and they were far from being in charge of the world's only superpower/police force.

Coburn claims his job as a physician allows him to “not lose touch” with his constituents.

Need we remind Sen. Dr. Coburn that he only spent about one hour in Cimarron County while running for the office, hasn't been back since, and that Cimarron Memorial hasn't the equipment to deliver babies?

The Senator, or doctor, which ever he chooses to be, should concentrate his efforts on one job, and do it well.

In his open letter, Coburn, (who sits on about 11 different legislative committees) points out that he spends 60 to 70 hours per week as a legislator and that he isn't doing that work part-time.

My limited math ability tells me that there are 168 hours in a week. Now taking time out for meals, family visits, (He has a wife, three kids and four grandkids.), and travel back and forth to Muskogee to deliver babies and “touch base” with his constituents between labor pains, I'd say Coburn, who is about 57 years of age, stands a good chance of being a tired doctor and senator. This nation needs neither.

Coburn needs to decide what he wants to be when he grows up and do it...full time.

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