Governor proclaims Conservation Day

Oklahoma City- Governor Brad Henry has proclaimed April 27, 2005 as “Conservation Day in Oklahoma” in honor of the 70 th anniversary of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The USDA agency was created on April 27, 1935 as the Soil Conservation Service and the name was changed in 1994 to better reflect its expanded role in assistance with natural resource issues.

“The NRCS has provided technical assistance to landowners, through local conservation districts, that has resulted in an improved quality of life, stronger rural communities, improved land productive and better air and water quality,” said Jack Schnaufer, chairman of the Cimarron County Conservation District. “The agency helped landowners bring the state out of the “Dust Bowl” and make its land productive and protected from soil erosion and flooding. Cherrie Brown, NRCS District Conservationist, and Michael Roberts, NRCS Soil Conservationist, for the Boise City Field Office continue to work with farm programs and technical assistance to assist urban and rural producers conserve our natural resources.”

Every county has a local NRCS office and technical help from NRCS has always been provided free of charge to landusers. The agency provides help to landusers in solving erosion, flooding and other natural resource problems and in the development of conservation plans that are used by landusers to better manage and protect their land. To contact the Boise City Field Office call 580-544-2812, ext. 3 or stop by 210 S. Cimarron Ave.

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