Collins's Comments

by Kelly Collins

I know this is early for Mother's Day. I wanted to give you men a chance to make some plans.

Believe it or not there are women out there that have been married for over a decade and have children, that have not one time received flowers for birthdays, anniversaries or Mother's day. At least not from their husbands.

For those men out there that have given flowers on those occasions, I salute you. For those that have not I want to remind you of a few things. This is your wife, your great love, the mother of your children, your helpmeet, your friend and confidante. She deserves to receive flowers from you. I may not know much about women, few of us men do. Even Freud once threw up his hands in frustration and said, “What does a woman want?” But I can tell you this, there are very few women who would not like to receive flowers from her husband.

When I was first married my uncle told me this “Just because the marriage has started doesn't mean the courtship has ended.” Okay so it's trite but it's true at the same time.

For those that have never given flowers I urge you to do so this Mother's Day. For all men I urge you to rekindle the courtship. Act as you did when you were trying to win her as your wife. Do that every day and I guarantee you the rewards you receive will more than make up for the effort. Break the routine and take her out for a movie even if you have to sit through a “chick flick.” Mother's Day IS all about her.

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