Home Culture Club

The Home Culture club met April 6 at the home of Linda Gray, which was beautifully decorated with an Easter motif.

Carolyn Shryock had the lesson; while they were on a trip to California they visited the Richard Nixon museum at Yorba Linda , Calif. She showed an interesting and beautiful video of the museum narrated by Julie Nixon Eisenhower. The museum was dedicated on July 19, 1990 . Carolyn also had some photos of presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and George W. Bush together.

Nancy acted as Secretary in Deanna's absence.

For fine arts, Fay Smith showed a new $10 bill.

Linda Gray read an interesting poem for Home Life Report. She also told of a letter she had received from a service man thanking her for a quilt she had made.

The club will host the Nursing Home birthday party on April 13.

More discussion was had on helping with the veteran's memorial as a centennial project.

A decision was made for the color and scheme for the country store. Invitations for the anniversary party on May 4, was presented to the members.

Roll call was a memory of the 1970s.

Linda served delicious refreshments to Mildred Cox, Susie Odell, Nancy Roberts, Carolyn Shryock, Elizabeth Hinderliter, Faye Smith, Faye Pitzer, and Dorothy Sechler.

Next meeting is April 20 at Susie Odell's.


The Home Culture club met on April 20, in the home of Susie Odell.

Elizabeth gave an interesting book report of “Dear Senators”, an autobiography of Essie Mae Washington-Williams, the daughter of Strom Thurmond.

Faye Smith showed a copy of Oklahoma Today, and told us that this is the 50 th anniversary of the magazine.

Ginger explained different government bonds and how they work.

Linda Gray read an article on “Craving Distractions”

Mildred reported that there was a good turnout for the Nursing Home birthday party and that the residents especially enjoyed Carolyn's music. Some members donated to the Cookie Mania.

Ginger got a record of who and when we would serve at the Country Store, clean-up date is Monday, May 25 at 9 a.m. Set up date will be May 31 at 2p.m. Our theme is “Cooking up memories.”

A vote was taken and we will donate to the senior graduation party.

The anniversary dinner will be May 4 at noon in the Keyes Bank club room.

Roll Call was name a good book.

Delicious refreshments were served to Linda Gray, Ginger Odell, Carolyn Shryock, Faye Smith, Nancy Roberts, Elizabeth Hinderliter, Mildred Cox, Deanna Francis and Dorothy Sechler.

We are sorry that Wanda, Faye Pitzer and Linda David were not able to be with us.

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