Hello all,

This week has been another blessing. As most know I have recently gotten my hair done. By done I mean all chopped off. We went to Stillwater for another one of my father's monthly meetings. I love those meetings because we get to shop while he's in them. So I am not totally bored. We got to shop and shop and then we dropped.

Then we decided to go to the barber. What a mistake. I have wanted short hair forever. The first snip was ok, on the second I started to screech put it back; put it back. Amusing you say, I say living nightmare. That's enough about my hair.

A lot of things happened while we were there. We ran into Jeff Alexander, my daddy's supervisor, who informed us that daddy's meeting would run a tad late. His definition of tad and mine are two very different things because his meeting in fact ran late, two hours late.

After his meeting was finally over we left Stillwater and made it to Woodward where we decided to stay for a good night's rest and hit the road the next morning. I had forgotten I don't like to sit still that long.

I am so glad to be back home where it is cooler because it was 102 degrees in Stillwater . As I said before, God gave us another great week so let's wait and see what He has in store for us next week.

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