Eyes of a Child by Riannon Toon


     This week was so fun. The storm we had here made the big dip in front of the Camilli’s house waist deep with water. So a friend and I played in it for about an hour until we had to go home. When I took my shower it was on all the way cold but it felt warm because the water in the ditch had been almost freezing. It was so cool but Ice Cold!

      But for some the storm wasn’t so fun. Cactus was demolished & so was Tulia. I went to Cactus to be nosey and find out what was going on and it was DEVASTATING.  There were houses with out roofs and some without half their walls. There was even a semi that rolled onto its side on one of the houses.

 If you want to help in any way contact the Salvation Army or the Red Cross.

Please donate clothes. Annette Rollins with the Dumas police department said that you could take the clothes to the churches in Cactus. 

Frank Calvert was helping Rita, and Bera with the Salvation Army who were passing out food for the people who lost their homes.  He said the Baptist Men were cooking the food in Dumas and bringing it to Cactus because there was no water in Cactus.   Frank said “The Best help you could give is time” Rita said “We really need Volunteers.” So if you can make it down to Cactus, please volunteer.

 I hope everyone who was in the tornados in Cactus and Tulia are okay.  I have had a great week but some haven’t. Please pray for the people in Cactus and Tulia. My prayers are with them!