Nursing home launches search for new D.O.N.

by C.F. David

According to Cimarron Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home's CEO Rod Burrus Donna Cain will begin helping in the administration of the nursing home.

However, again according to Burrus, until Cain's license is reactivated, the facility will be operating outside regulations.

Asked what the limitations to such a violation is, Burrus responded, “I'm not sure what their tolerance level is.”

“Ed Hendricks, the Executive Director nursing Home Administration has told Donna he'll take care of her license,” Burrus said.

Asked if Cain will be asked to work the 20-hour week that precipitated the resignation of former Administrator Nancy Roberts, Burrus replied, “Yes.”

“We have put out feelers for a Director of Nursing,” Burrus said. “The job pays $30 per hour; that's more than I make and we still can't get anyone to step up and do the job.”

Burrus said the facility continues to fill out its quality of care reports for the state.

Burrus said that the 36-bed facility is about half-empty and he is trying to hire a marketer to build the population.

I have found a woman in Dumas, (Fawncyne Worely), that has years of experience with nursing homes. I want to bring her in on a limited contract, as needed to do some marketing for us. Since she is in the area, and has the contacts to put our name on the discharge planners lips,' Burrus said.

“Right now, I am inundated trying to cover the schedule in the nursing home. But I have gotten three or four nurses who quit to come back on a per-diem basis. The nursing home is eating my time that could be better used elsewhere.”

Buruss said that with the return of Paul Miller from illness, the financial side is catching up, but that it still wasn't where it needed to be.

“We have $1.5 plus out on accounts receivable. More than $400 thousand for March. But we are just now getting paid for the endoscopies we did in January. We have $more than $867 thousand out on the books for less than 90 days. If we could get all of our A.R. in here we could run five months without turning a tap,” Burrus shrugged.

“There's a lot of work to be done here.”

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