Collins's Comments

Wow! Gas prices are WOW.

There are things you can do about the cost of traveling these days though. They are simple and easy. I am not going to say anything that will incriminate me but I have slowed way down. That has given me an increase of 4.85 miles per gallon. Keeping your tires inflated to the right pressure will also help with gas mileage. Don't drive down to the convenience store, walk. The weather is getting nice and we all have some extra padding from sitting around this last winter. Even short trips add up on the gas. Walking will trim you down and save your fuel.

Do you really need to go to Amarillo to buy that pair of shoes or whatever? Try online shopping or get out a catalogue. Yes they are still around and you can have it delivered and not go anywhere. I know you have to pay shipping costs but they won't cost you as much as a trip to pick up this stuff.

We have become so trained to instant gratification that we have lost the joy of anticipation. Waiting for the mail to run to deliver your new shirt or shoes is more fun than waiting for the mail to deliver your next round of bills.

I do a lot of on line shopping. I have done it for several years now. I have never been ripped off on line. In the same time frame I have been ripped off 3 times by store employees copying down my credit card information.

I know some of us live way far out of town and trips are necessary. Even people who live in town must travel at times. Just make sure they are really needed trips. Wait until you have a lot of things to get that are not available locally.

Face it folks, gas prices are going to keep going up. This is more than just the normal tourist season gouge and the predicted prices are outrageous. We have to live with it. We can do things that decrease the amount of gasoline we purchase. We will be healthier for it and our budgets will survive.

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