C&M Feedyard's fight for CAFO permits continues

by C.F. David

Attempts by a Cimarron County feedlot to obtain the proper permits needed to do business, continues through Oklahoma Courts.

The C&M Feedlot located southeast of Boise City, and owned by Chuck and Margie Murdock of Felt, hit a bump in 2005 when they tried to obtain the permits needed for a confined animal feeding operation, (CAFO). Part of the permitting process required the Murdocks to notify landowners nearby that the process had started. One landowner, Delaine Meier who resides near Enid , filed a protest to the permitting. Mrs. Meier filed the protest because she is a landowner with property adjoining the Murdock's.

Margie Murdock is confused about the protest; “This feedlot has been here more than 30 years she explained. “We don't want to enlarge it, or drill wells.” (The Boise City News, Jan. 25, 2006 .)

Murdock added that any manure is picked up by a contractor and sold as fertilizer.

In the event of rain, any runoff goes into a lagoon designed to take the drainage and withstand what is called a 100-year flood.

The Boise City News contacted Meier; she said she would write a letter explaining her concerns…that letter has yet to be received by The Boise City News.

The Murdock's attorney, Sheila Barnes, said by phone on Monday, that she thinks the Murdock's case is going well.

“I think we did really well in court last Friday, (April 14),” Barnes said.

Delaine Meier testified, and so did her expert. She, (the expert), is someone who travels around and testifies against pig farms…that's what she does,” Barnes explained.

Barnes continued by saying Meier's brother Dwayne Witten, of Spring, Texas , had testified in an earlier session.

“He said he was there to represent Cimarron County , but when asked for names he couldn't provide a one,” Barnes explained.

“We have to file our briefs with the court in a month. Then we should appear before the judge in mid-June,” Barnes added.

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