Another one bites the dust...

The Westside laundry will close its doors on April 28, according to owner Janie Smith, above. The closure is due to loss of employees, and the inability to find replacements. The laundry, then a Maytag Wringer business, was purchased by Smith's parents, Brill and Iva Lee Vaughn in 1947. He quit farming and went into the laundry business. The Vaughn's converted to a steam laundry when automatic washers came into existence. But he, (Brill), always had a big garden and an orchard, so he never gave it, (farming), up completely,” Smith grinned. Smith, who has been in the laundry since she was 15 months old, (she grew up in the Vaughn's home in back), and her husband Jerry bought the business in 1984, and she has managed it since her husband's death in 2001. “We continued the same quality service that Brill and Iva Lee did,” Smith said proudly. “We served a great area, Clayton , N.M. , Dalhart and Stratford , Texas , Springfield , Colo. , Elkhart , Kan. and Boise City !” Smith said. A buyer from Lamar is looking to buy the equipment, but Smith said the business is for sale, (it's been on the Internet for four years). She also owns a coin-op business in Dalhart.

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