Boise City Public Works Authority votes for city utility rate hike

Increase will help pay for equipment, and solid waste transfer station

by C.F. David

The Boise City Public Works Authority in a unanimous vote on Monday night approved a utility rate increase.

The rates will increase by five, 18 and 17 percent on water, sewage and solid waste, effective April 21, 2004.

In a press release the Works Authority said, “Boise City Public Works customers will have their water, sewer and solid waste utility rates increased as a result of action taken at the April 12, 2004 meeting of the Boise City Public Works Authority.

This will be the first utility rate increase since March 1994. During the ten years prior to that, there were increases in Aug. 1984, Jan. 1987 and Dec. 1989.

The increase will provide revenues to pay for the cost of maintenance of facilities; the repair and replacement of equipment acquired with the implementation of new programs during the past ten years; and increased energy cost.

These programs include the reconstruction of the sewer lagoons; construction of new and replacement sewer lines; the permitting and development of a new water well and the construction of new water lines; the purchase of a new trash truck; the development of the convenience center and the equipment needed to operate it; the creation of the brush chipping program and the equipment needed to operate it; the closing of the landfill and the transporting of trash to the Seward County, Kan. landfill.

Additionally, these, revenues will be used to pay for the new solid waste transfer station being constructed, which will make the hauling of solid waste to Seward County landfill more cost efficient. The transfer station will use a trash compactor to compact the trash into roll-off containers, which can be hauled to Seward County using a semi-truck and trailer instead of a trash truck. The First State Bank of Boise City through a mortgage note and a lease-purchase agreement is financing the transfer station.

The increases will be effective April 21, 2004 and will show up on the utility bills mailed June 1. The increases will be five percent for water, 18 percent for sewer, and 17 percent for solid waste. This will increase the minimum bill,, from $26.20 per month to $29.70 per month.”

In other business:

H The Utility Authority voted to pay Winters construction a progress payment of $120,989.52 for work on the Waste Transfer Station.

H The Authority Chairman was authorized to sign a note with the First State Bank of Boise City in the amount of $260 thousand for the construction of the Waste Transfer Station.

It will be a ten-year note at the rate of four percent interest.
H The Boise City Council heard a report from Police Chief Dale Harper on the meeting on March 23 to discuss concerns about the dispatching services. Harper reported that every community and agency was represented.

“We are all interested in making the thing work,” Harper said. “I felt really good about it.”

The group will meet again on April 27.