Possible cursing of student by caretaker under investigation

by C.F. David

According to statements to The Boise City News by Cimarron County Undersheriff Matt Langston, a caretaker in the Keyes school system is presently under investigation for having allegedly cursed a student.

There was, according to Langston also a complaint that the caretaker had become physical with the student and he or she was “...grabbed”.

“I've taken a complaint from a citizen,” Langston said. “I am investigating the validity of a report of abusive language by a caretaker toward a child,” Langston explained.

According to Langston the child at the center of the investigation is 12 years of age.

Langston also explained that two children had come forward as having witnessed the incident(s).

Langston then admitted the investigation was, however, not proceeding well.

“I am having difficulty getting information due to the fact of lack of cooperation from the citizens,” Langston said. “They are hesitant to speak,” he added.

Langston refused to identify the caretaker, and did not want to expand on the nature of the abusive language, until he had, “Heard the caretaker's side of the story.”

“Interviews are scheduled to continue,” Langston said. “I cannot say if charges will be filed; but it [the allegation(s)] will be investigated to the fullest,” Langston added.

Langston then said that the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation had been “Invited” to take charge of the investigation due to a possible “Conflict of interest.”

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