As we all or at least most know we have just had the Fun Fest. If you did not get to go, here is basically what happened. There were four skits, one from each class and they ranged from a guy with balloons in his shirt to Cassidy Christian with an ill-fitting wig singing I like to move it move it. There were eight tug-o-wars with very strong girls & guys. Land skis was hilarious. There was a bubble gum blowing contest and an inner tube relay where everyone fell at least once. A balloon shaving contest, who knew so many people, could shave balloons? The blind football kick was so cool. The freshmen were so good at egg toss they didn't break the egg until they had to throw the egg so far it broke in her hands when he threw it too hard trying to get it far enough to reach her. And the second to the last was throwing pie at the high school's principal. I think it was rude to the audience to make us laugh so hard. And last but so not least Mess BCHS competition, yes it's where the guys dress up like girls and the girls dress up like boys. It was sad because some of those guys looked convincing. My brother always used to dress up like that with my granny's wig, dress, and my sister's high heels but he couldn't walk as good as some of the guys here. It was so fun. I think it is so cool that the school puts on a little performance and everyone comes. In Muskogee that would never happen. That is just one more thing to love about Boise City . See you next week.

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