Air Force plans to honor local

The U.S. Air Force plans to honor the memory of Sr. Airman Billy Ogston by naming a camp at Al Udied AFB after him.

Ogston, the son of Chuck and Tommie Jean Ogston of Boise City died in the crash of an Air Force C-130 at Jackson Hole , Wyoming in 1996.

In a fax to the Ogstons, TSgt Christopher Ellis of Dyess AFB, Texas , informed the couple that the Air Force was asking their permission to rename “Shantytown” a camp for C-130s at Al Udied some 20 miles from Doha Qatar , on the Persian Gulf .

In the fax Sgt. Ellis explains that the camp has replaced their Alaskan tents with more permanant structures and that these efforts had raised the inhabitants morale. This source of pride has called for a name change and Billy was chosen.

Ogston explains that his son was well known and respected in his job and that other honors have come since his death while flying on a presidential support mission from Jackson Hole to Kennedy International. All eight crew members of Ogston's plane perished in the crash near Jackson Hole , as did one Secret Service Agent.

Those interested can take an on-line tour of Al Udied AFB by going to its website at