Felt Bond election set for April 6

Absentee voters should apply soon

April 6, is the day voters in the Felt ISD have an opportunity to decide the fate of two school bond elections.

Crumbling sidewalks and space limitations are the most severe problems at the small county school in Western Cimarron County.

Superintendent Jeff Funk said he and his board have tried to inform the voters and taxpayers about the problems the school faces.

“We've held meetings and I think we've done a good job in presenting our case. We have to make sure we have updated facilities,” Funk said.

“We have two bonds, one for $415 thousand will build us a new elementary building and make repairs on our teacher's housing. The other bond will be for $35 thousand and address transportation,” Funk continued.

“With a new school building, we can then use our older out buildings for such things as Special Needs and a Science Lab,” Funk added.

Our Home Ec room is also our Concession Stand at basketball games and it is also our resource room and offices for Special Education Director and our counselor,” Funk explained.

Felt residents love their school and have in the past gone to great lengths to support it. It's a small district and with an influx of salaried residents with families finds itself with more residents off the tax rolls than on it. However in the past this hasn't been a problem. When the children needed new playground equipment, it was purchased with the proceeds of fund-raisers, cake sales, etc.

Absentee voters must apply

Friday, March 12 is the last day to be able to apply and vote for the April 6, Felt school bond issue. Citizens of the United States at least 18 years of age are eligible to register.

Those eligible voters wanting a ballot mailed to them should apply now, according to Cimarron county Election Secretary Vicki Turner. The County Election Board must mail the ballot to the voter and it must be returned by mail by 7 p.m. April 6.

It is not necessary to give a reason to vote absentee. The mailed ballots are good for those that are physically incapacitated, confined to nursing homes, and military personnel and their families living overseas.