I see our gestapo is at work again. Having passed a bill in the house concerning our drivers licenses. It smacks of a national ID and that is so wrong. With a chip in the license we could be tracked every where we go.

Under the guise of standardizing licenses so that all states are the same the national government would dictate how states should license its drivers. Even though the states still handle the administration of this it comes under national control. That has many groups concerned about it going one step further and becoming a national ID. The potential for abuse of our rights has me concerned. We should be free to come and go as we choose unobserved and unhindered.

I don't go places that I wouldn't want my children to know about. I don't buy drugs, I don't do anything illegal. So what am I worried about? I am worried about the ability of the government to spy on its citizens. Again this is all under the guise of anti terrorism. It is not the business of the Government if I go to an auction in Clayton or if I go to church on Sunday or not. Suppose I go to a store but park in front of a strip bar because that is the only parking space open. Or I park in front of a Gun dealers about the same time it is being robbed.

What are we so worried about? What acts of terrorism have we had to deal with lately? I am not saying we should relax as that would invite an attack on us. However normal vigilance would handle it without national IDs.

If this bill is passed it would be tempting to just leave my drivers license home and hope I didn't get caught with out it. Though I have actually done that and the worst that happened was that I had to go to court to show the judge that I did have one. It wound up costing me court costs but no penalties. However I see a day when not carrying your license could be a major crime and punishable by stiffer measures than $17.50 court costs. Besides with the chip in the license a policeman would know without stopping you that you didn't have it with you.

I am also concerned with the consequences of theft of our drivers licenses. We already have identity theft with credit cards. With a national driver's license/ID such things would be a lot easier.

So there we have it.


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