The Future is Now

Shortly after I arrived in Boise City to begin editing the paper, we, (the city and county), were visited by officials from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, (ODOT). They had come to discuss the Ports-To-Plains Highway from Laredo , Texas to Denver and its effect on Boise City and Cimarron County . The powers that be in the city made their recommendations on a bypass, trying to limit its impact on the city. Most of us in attendance at those meetings said among ourselves that it would be 20 years if even in our lifetime before we saw any changes...guess what; the future is now.

Plans are being prepared for the bypass and fences are being set back north and south of Boise City . Construction will begin on North 287 in April.

Not being a member of The Cimarron County Commissioners or the Boise City Council, I am not privy to what plans they may or may not have made for the eventuality of the changes Ports-To-Plains will have on our city and county. In any case the time for needed action is here.

The widened highway will definitely bring more trucks.

It will undoubtedly have adverse effect on more than one local business.

Others will flourish; and hopefully yet others will be attracted to come here.

The city needs to annex land; there is a potential here for new tax money.

Both entities, (city and county) need to begin wooing businesses: motels, truck stops, truck repair and sales, warehouses, and more doctors.

With the wider highway and easier access to Denver , Dallas and South Texas , we need to try and attract light industry.

If we don't have a plan, we need one...yesterday...for the future is now.