Permits for air quality yet to be filed by Nathaniel

by C.F. David

There have been no permits filed by Nathaniel Energy for air or solid waste, according to officials at Oklahoma's Department of Environmental Quality on Tuesday.

“Until they apply for a permit, we don't know anything about it; and there is nothing in the works here,” said Jim Cromer, of the Department of Environmental Quality.

Nathaniel Energy is a company based in Castle Rock, Colorado that has taken possession of Federal property just east of Keyes with plans to install high temperature incinerators to burn tires.

According to Nathaniel Energy's CEO Stan Abrams, the energy derived from the incinerated tires would, among other things, supply heat and electricity to a 40-acre greenhouse where tomatoes and perhaps peppers would be grown.

Food grade CO2 and carbon black would be by-products.

The establishment of such a facility was estimated to bring at least 20 new jobs into the county and perhaps add as much as $20 million to its tax rolls.

Thermal combustors would be built in Colorado

According to an Oct. 2002 article in The Boise City News the combustion units would be built near Delta, Colo. by Industrial Systems, according to then spokesperson Joe Smith (who no longer works there) the last combustor built had been shipped to Ireland in 2000.

Nathaniel loses burner

That sale to Life Energy Corporation of Ireland (Nathaniel's sister company) apparently fell through when on or about Dec. 31, Life Energy took possession of the burner, according to an April 9 article in The Boise City News and never gave it back.

Tires left in Colorado pasture

In early January, 2003, the investigation into Nathaniel Energy led to a pile of tires near Calhan, Colo. According to Glenn Mallory, of Colorado's Board of Health, the pile of tires began as a 40 acre storage site for tires owned by Dave Marhing. Then Abrams, under the name of Ripe Touch, moved into an adjoining 120 acres and with a contract with El Paso County, Colorado he moved in more tires in preparation to set a combustor and use it to heat a greenhouse. The burner and green house never arrived, the permits with El Paso County expired, and as of early March, 2004, at least some of the tires are reportedly still on the site.

Meanwhile, Cimarron County waits, watches and hopes they aren't disappointed too.