Anthropologists have told us the criteria they use to evaluate a civilization is how they cared for their dead, ill and disabled. I don't really care how anthropologists now or in the future judge us. I care about how I judge myself, my nation and my world.


I don't know what should be done about the Terri Schiavo case in a general sense. I do know that death by starvation or dehydration is not a comfortable thing. We treat death row inmates better than that. .

To pull her feeding tubes will allow those around her to rationalize that they didn't kill anyone.

To me deliberately not feeding and giving water to a human being, any human being, is murder. Yes, murder; and not a brave one

I sit here in my home, secure in the knowledge that it really isn't my concern, but that of others.

That reasoning is flawed. The court has stepped in and allowed the removal of the tubes; and the court is not some faceless entity. We are the courts; We are the government; and Terri Schiavo's ultimate fate should be on our conscience.

We elected the officials past and present who have brought us to this point.

We The People are responsible for how our courts rule and government governs.

This poor young woman is just a small blip on the screen with what is happening in our nation. That is not right. Like abortion, the Terri Schiavo case has high emotional impact. Politicians, and political groups are using her life to further their agendas. That is wrong.


Congress has, for its own reasons, decided to step in and do something about this on a national level. There should be no political goals here. Where is their compassion? Their sense of morality?

Yes indeed, We The People are responsible for the state of affairs that has brought us to this decision.

This is not just something to watch on TV, sit back in our recliners, and feel badly about.

Instead, we should ask ourselves, “Could I remove the tubes from that young woman?” Well the answer is We The People are responsible either way.

Which way do you wish to go?

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